Friday, September 2, 2011

Interplanetary Cruises; Europa's Festival of Lights

By Elizabeth George

(This is a brochure that my daughter, Elizabeth, did for her Earth Sciences course last year. For me, the piece has a lot of metaphysical resonance. Aside from being fun, it also stirs up memories.)

Interplanetary Cruises™


Europa’s Festival of Lights™

Once every twelve years, the Meeya Meephla of Europa enact one of their most sacred and joyous rituals, the Festival of Lights, “jnsdjewi vn2i3hr;lm;wmef!!!!in!!their “ in their telepathic language. 

During this exotic festival, the gentle, gigantic, disk-shaped Meeya Meephla, whether young or old, single or paired, pull out all the stops as they compete in artistic displays of the most spectacular bioluminescent light shows this side of the galaxy. 

You will board the luxurious Celestial Star solar sail ship at Earthport and after a glorious two weeks of delicious food and fun activities, you will be safely flash-frozen for the remainder of the trip to Europa. Upon arrival, you will experience our signature full spa treatment defrosting and rehabilitation, that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and ready for the next leg of your journey… descent through Europa’s  scenic sixty-mile ice layer into the moon’s  tranquil inner sea.

While in orbit around Europa, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe Jupiter’s Great Red Spot-a hurricane of unimaginable power and fury.  (Sightseeing trips to Io and Ganymede are also available at additional cost.) You will board the Europa Explorer, a state of the art vehicle capable of melting through miles of ice and then traveling through the silent saline depths of the moon’s interior.  Though compact, the Europa Explorer was designed for the comfort and convenience of its passengers. Warm baths of Europa’s mineral rich ocean water will be provided, as will beverages flavored and colored with the Meeya Meephlas’ favorite luminous bacterial slime. Drink enough of it and you too may become phosphorescent! 

From the large unobstructed cabin windows you will see the gathering of the Meeya Meephla by clan, color, and temperament, followed by the grand procession into the competition space. Earthwords can’t describe the wryness, the majesty, the pure imaginative genius of the competition displays!  Incorporating the best of dance, light painting, martial arts and epic poetry, the beauty of the Festival of Lights ensures that you will never be the same again.  The hospitality of the Meeya Meephla will astonish you. Europa’s natives are truly the gentle giants of the Solar System and their “hearts” are as big as their disks. They welcome Earthfolks with all of their many open arms…all they ask is that you leave their world as clean as you found it, and keep unimaginative thoughts to yourself. 

The Europa Festival of Lights Cruise leaves Earthport on March 1st, 3010 and returns on June 1st, 3013. Cost for a single fare is five megacredits, in advance.

Please note: You will have the opportunity to purchase professionally made recordings of the entire festival or individual performances in dreamy or audi-visi formats.

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