Saturday, August 20, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 19/ Section 21

By Brian George

Here today, and gone tomorrow, and then back before you knew that it had left
“At night man kindles a light for himself when his eyes fail to see; thus in life, he is in contact with the dead when asleep and with the sleeper when awake."—Heraclitus, Fragment 40

Hi Collie,

In your alternate identity as “Harold Stryderight” you wrote, “Again last summer, three metallic orbs were photographed at South Field on July 27, 2008, while they were being pursued by a British military helicopter. There have been many independent reports of that kind, too many to list here...

“Using standard commercial cameras, a few dedicated investigators have captured on film what appear to be space time portals or wormholes opening up in the sky next to a newly forming crop picture (see “Crossovers from Another Dimension” by Terje Toftenes.) Others such as Winston Keech, Gary King, and Paula Presdee-Jones have photographed a brief flash of ‘sheet lightning’ at 3 AM, followed quickly by a new 300-meter crop formation in the field below, when no human fakers were visibly present.

“Based on the general facts presented so far, which are accepted by practically all knowledgeable researchers in the field, one might conclude that the unknown creators of this strange crop-based messaging system possess a level of advanced technology, which is far beyond anything that ordinary humans on Earth today possess.

“For example, they seem to have no need for large flying saucers or UFOs, since their technology has evidently advanced beyond that point. Instead, they seem to be sending small, gravity-insensitive robotic probes across large distances of space and/or time, in order to create such amazing pictures. Those devices have been evidenced numerous times by the sighting of a small metallic orb or ball of light near a newly-formed crop picture, whether by eyewitness account or on camera.

“Where exactly might such probes be coming from? Another star? Another planet in our solar system? Our future or maybe even our past?”

Much thanks for your rigorous and yet intuitive research into what, by its nature, is an almost radioactive subject—a subject able to subvert the mind. It attacks—from everywhere and nowhere—like a virus, with an alien lust perverting the innocent wet-dream of the skeptic, who, with each passing day, becomes more feverish with denial, and striking fear into the heart of every scientist without a death wish. There is no way to get past the great challenge that it poses. Like those 18th Century explorers who had not yet discovered longitude, we must trust that good questions might well conjure up good answers.

The theorem that got away will resuscitate Pythagoras.

Several cities will resurface off the Northwest coast of India. By folding them up, we will be able to take them with us—wherever we might choose to go.

Their music again audible, the planets will leave the clockwork of their orbits—all too boring!—and then present themselves to the Great Assembly for instructions, before the Sun itself retracts into a cloud.

It seems possible that something has changed in the past year.

As the implications of the circles become more difficult to escape, so too we become more desperate to escape them. Lines arcing from the 10th dimension may soon intersect the 3rd, thus rendering obsolete all maps of the Flat Earth. For, even now, they are quaint.

Most often, you have put aside your culture-specific biases, and, step by step, have allowed yourself to follow where the trail of the evidence leads.

I would take issue with one point, however:

Although it would certainly seem that one or more small spheres are quite often associated with the appearance of a crop circle, it may be too much of a leap to describe them as “small, robotic probes,” or to argue that they are made from metal. Living mercury, perhaps? Or orichalcum?

They may indeed be momentarily solid, and, at least in daylight, exhibit a kind of metallic shine. I would also provisionally agree that they are most probably “unmanned” or “uninhabited”—at least in the sense of not being filled with tiny men—but here we are on shakier cosmological ground, if any ground, in such a scenario, can be said to exist at all.

Could we not see them as the local points of focus within a vast, non-local field? And if so, it would make little difference if we described them as “inhabited,” or not.

Such a sphere could, just as easily, be described as The Eye of Horus, as The Stone of the Philosophers, as a Soul—which the Vedas say is as large as the top joint of the thumb—as a Messenger, or as The Bindu.

Again: Let us theorize, for just a moment, that we humans did not first exist as bodies, but rather as non-local fields. These fields, being not “here” and not “there,” could then also be interpreted as infinitely dense points of focus, in which are encoded all the knowledge of past worlds.

We might expect to see the type of anti-gravitational “here today, and gone tomorrow” behavior that is characteristic of these spheres—with “tomorrow” being one fraction of a second off. Stepping, as if through a mirror, we find ourselves some 10,000 years in the future, but then, just as quickly, it is time for us to go back.

The gods play. Our future selves may object to our being wiped out “accidentally.” Thus, Mercury is sent. With glyphs in hand, he rides upon a sphere of orichalcum, which is powered by a seed.

Such a sphere might best not be imagined as one object, but rather as a hyper-object that has been “statistically renormalized.” Galactic in scale, and Akashic in its familiarity with superimposed frames of reference, it nonetheless shows a “tendency to exist” in a particular time and location.

Friday, August 19, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 18/ Sections 19 and 20

By Brian George

“The lightning directs everything.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 27

“The universe,” said Einstein, “is not only stranger than we imagine; it is stranger than we CAN imagine.”

Too much information—TMI

“I have searched myself.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 8

Thus transported, and bound within the volume of one sphere, bones, nerves, hair, and sinews were then seen as the threads of Time. These, the various projections from the Eight, were the sensors that would regulate the data-flow from the non-local to the local field, and then back to the non-local.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 17/ Section 18

By Brian George

“You would not find out the limits of the soul, even by travelling along every path, so great a logos does it have.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 39

Conciliators are among us! Much thanks to them, and yet it is possible that such gestures are not accurate in their aim. ENERG8T wrote, “The formations are merely testing/ shifting our perspectives and reality paradigms, as is exemplified in part by the lengthy passionate dissertations in this comments section. Human or non-human? Does it matter?”

Tony Damico wrote, “Really, it's silly to waste so much energy on the ‘who’ aspect...”

ACTruthSeeker wrote, “Indeed the crop circle formations appear to be getting more elaborate over time as our own collective consciousness evolves. It does not matter who produces the circles whether it be human, energy, ETs, or anything else for that matter.”

To me, this is like saying that it does not matter whether the sun is a natural phenomenon or a barge.

If we are to smash through the mirrors of an alternate technology, we must, of course, be rigorous in our intuition. But, stranger still, we must be rigorous in our counter-intuition. There is much that does not—and is not meant to—make sense. Leaving mirror-shards in our wake, like centuries, and smelling of burnt ozone, we must let go of one body to appropriate another, into which we will step. “The sun is the breadth of a man’s foot,” said Heraclitus. We must act our age, but, in order to do this, we must learn to act our shoe size.

Mine is 432,000 years; yours may be much bigger, or much smaller—but that was before you had started to tell fibs! Nor should we trust the gods—our surrogate parents—any further than we can throw them. For they have stolen the genius from our DNA. How odd then that their chromosomes can be zipped right into ours. Leaps of centrifugal disinformation have obscured the once standardized units of measurement.

The key test is as follows: To transpose the entire context of our vision.

Things do not always operate on a human scale, and our 10-D duplicates may prove indifferent to our phobias about death. We must keep our eye on the metaphysical ball that is even now hurtling towards us.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 16/ Section 17

By Brian George
The slow discovery of Longitude

“Man is not rational; there is intelligence only in what encompasses him.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 62

Hi Septagenetic,

Thanks for the Colin Andrews link. It appears as though you follow the inside gossip of the crop circle community far more closely than do I. Entertaining—to a degree.

Aside from the “he said/ she said” nature of the drama, however, I am not sure what I am supposed to take away from this spat between Colin Andrews and Nancy Talbot. One or both could be utterly fraudulent and deluded in their claims, but this would not in any way alter the challenges that the phenomenon of crop circles pose.

Einstein may have been mean to his first wife—who contributed some unacknowledged portion of the math to the first paper on relativity—and Crick’s concept of the DNA double-helix may have been prompted by his experience with a hallucinogen. What difference does this make?

Let us say that it is possible to view crop circles as a language; it makes little difference if someone’s chemical analysis of the paper that it is written on is correct.

If Doris Kearns Goodwin is accused of plagiarism due to her use of a research assistant’s notes, then this does not mean that the Revolutionary War never happened.

The skeptic might say, “See, I told you so! This is the beginning of the end for all of you self-deluded ‘historians.’ You thought that you were so smart with your tweedy coats and your international seminars and your Meerschaum pipes and your wire-rimmed glasses. The hour of your Ragnarok is at hand!”

But the melodrama here is mostly on the part of the observer. One might characterize him/her as “overinvested.”

If Talbot’s facts are incorrect, so be it; there are plenty more where those came from! The solution is simply to collect more facts, to reevaluate the evidence from a multitude of angles, and to then form new and more comprehensive theories. Mistakes will be made, and then many more mistakes—for such is the nature of the scientific beast.

The real problem is that almost all mainstream scientists are timid and reluctant to do damage to their careers, and thus do not dare to look clearly into the issues—if they dare to look at all. As I have previously argued: There can be no science without curiosity.

How many theories have been proven wrong or incomplete since the beginning of the 18th century?—Too many to count. We might reasonably conclude that Empirical Method has been lurching toward oblivion. It would nonetheless be unseemly for the Pope to jump up and down and shout “Aha! Aha!” every time a scientist was forced to reformulate his theories.

Friday, August 12, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 15/ Part 16

The spiral library of the 64 cube tetrahedron 

“We should not act like the children of our parents.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 49

The Sign can be turned like a 10-D relic in the hand to then be analyzed as one element that points to the first language—and to the door-hatch of the hieroglyph tornado. It is here advisable to let go of any and all mommy/ daddy issues. So too purge one’s digestion of any trace of paranoia. For the Sign can just as easily be interpreted as a threat.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 14/ Section 15

By Brian George

Titans cursed by a calendar still battle under Tartaros

“The fairest universe is but a heap of rubbish piled up at random”—Heraclitus, Fragment 24.

When accused of fudging the results of an August 14th, 1995 test, Nancy Talbot wrote, “No reputable scientist would challenge already published works without having carried out research replicating the research they are challenging. And they would only challenge previously published results by anyone if their OWN work produced what they felt were DIFFERENT results.”

Colin Andrews wrote, “In two important cases, as Nancy Talbot is aware, while working myself with Rockefeller funding, I filmed her own crop circle plant samplers making a crop circle, sending samples from it and then viewing Levengood’s findings back to them. These were very important, and I think the reason for so much doubt. Mr. Levengood concluded that the plants from this circle were among the best examples of the real phenomenon and showed the highest crop circle making energy.”

And in response to Talbot’s criticism, Andrews argued, “It does not always necessitate replication of a finding to prove the scientist is heading down the wrong road; it takes evidence that his interpretations are wrong, and does not require replication of results.”

Three ways—at a minimum—come to mind as to how one could interpret the odd behavior of BLT. These are as follows:

1) Deliberate fraud, for the purpose of career advancement or the promotion of a metaphysical agenda.

2) Wishful thinking—i.e. “research bias”—due to excess fascination with and/or possession by the force-field of the subject.

3) Deliberate scrambling of the evidence in order to sow the seeds of doubt—the use of research as a tool of “disinformation,” because the goals of the researcher are not quite what they seem.

An interview that Talbot did with Henrik Palmgren—on “Red Ice Creations Radio,” August 17th, 2010—may shed some light on this last possibility, with its tangle of implications.

In it, Talbot scoffed at the idea that we should attempt to understand or learn to speak the language of the crop circles, when we are not sure that 100% of them are genuine. To paraphrase: "Why should we bother to understand them if the information is just something that another human being has put there?"

But if a circle is in complex digital or geometric code, why can't we figure out, first, what is being said, and then figure out who or what is saying this later on? Especially when this information has to do with astronomical conjunctions, the movement of comets—or in the case of “Comet Holmes” its explosion—eclipses, sun spots, solar storms and flares, or other one-of-a-kind events whose dates and details no “human” circle-maker would have any way of predicting. If we come across an unknown manuscript, do we have to be 100% certain of the author before we are allowed to read one sentence from the text?

If one may pause to take note of a passing twinge of paranoia—much of BLTs has been carried out with funds from Lawrence Rockefeller. And who knows what he might be up to?

Three ways—at a minimum—come to mind as to how one could interpret the electromagnetic results. These are as follows:

1) There may be a “spill-over effect” into the surrounding field from the energy of the actual crop circle.

2) The energies that make possible the projection of a crop circle onto a field may be present as part of a larger geomagnetic vortex, and are not located specifically within the circumference of the circle.

3) Again, the energies that are said to characterize a real crop circle might be latent within a particular geomagnetic area, but do not manifest until a circle is inscribed upon the field—whether pressed by humans, using ropes and boards, or projected by some inter-dimensional cabal.

Such contradictory interpretations have to do with the “over-determined” nature of the Sign.

Andrews also posted a long series of photographs that supposedly document the points that he is making. These reminded me of a photograph in the “World Weekly News,” circa 1974, in which three scientists were staring at a bean, with their calipers and other “scientific” instruments in hand. The headline read, “Top Scientists Prove ET Bean Compatible with Earth’s Soil.” Let us take a look at the 1995 photographs:

Here is farm foreman Geoff Smith standing in front of a tractor.

Here is Colin Andrews holding a microphone in front of Geoff Smith, with a wheat field in the background.

Here is a picture of the “Daily Mail National Newspaper” from August 3rd, 1995, the same day that one “blind test” was carried out.

Here is James Withers of the BLT plant sampling team carrying a rope and stomping board into the wheat field, watched closely by Geoff Smith.

Here is a sketch in a spiral notebook by a member of the BLT plant sampling team.

Here is James Withers about to make the small crop circle from which plants will then be sent to William Levengood for analysis.

Here is the BLT team removing samples from a “normal plant lodging” area—caused by heavy rain that has washed in from a highway—about 30 feet to the right of the crop circle that they made.

Here are Shelley Keal and Yvonne Withers putting plant samples into plastic bags.

The BLT research protocols may, in fact, have been fatally flowed, but, even if we grant that “Seeing Is Believing,” is there anything that Andrews shows us that would indicate that this is so?

Even here, with these clear-cut photographs, what at first seems to be simple becomes more complex as we look at it. It is common knowledge that the most effective lies should stay as close to the truth as possible. It is certainly true that all of the actions in the photographs have taken place, and that they have no doubt taken place on August 14th, 1995. Colin Andrews then informs us as to how we should interpret them. Objectively, however, it is not at all clear what any of these images might mean.

No, we must extract from each the meanings that are meant for us. As we must figure out what each Sign is instructing us to do.

“Top Scientists Prove ET Bean Compatible with Earth’s Soil.”The photograph, of course, proves nothing of this sort, nor do the photographs of the BLT plant sampler team and the farm foreman prove anything other than that people have been standing next to tractors, speaking into microphones, drawing in spiral notebooks, and putting plants into plastic bags.

“The god whose oracle is at Delphi neither explicates nor conceals, but rather shows by a sign,” said Heraclitus. It is always possible that there may be no more than one meaning to each sign, but, if so, that one meaning is vast, and there is no way to encompass it from our single-point perspective.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 13/ Section 14

By Brian George

The draped mirrors

“The raving Sibyl, through the god, utters somber, unembellished, unperfumed sayings, reaching over a thousand years with her voice.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 52

Descending, the Sun strikes you blind, as it opens—like an 8-D map—all of the conduits on your skin. There is a bank that is as large as all of the data it contains. Please feel free to express your fear, but there is no way through or out of the luminosity of the field. It was for this reason they invented Death, which, in the days when there were giants on the Earth, meant what Life does now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 12/ Section 13

By Brian George
They post arrows that will direct you to the beginning of the maze

“The waking have one world, in common, whereas the sleeper turns away to a private world of his own.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 89

Hi Stu,

1) You wrote, “Breaking news—It seems that the pseudo-science that has been constructed around the circles, begun by the wearing of white coats, serious facial expressions and the brandishing of beeping boxes, (scientology anyone?) is finally unraveling. Appropriately, this Ragnarok is taking place between two of cereology’s biggies, Colin Andrews, long since exiled abroad by humiliation and ridicule and Nancy Talbot, PR face of BLT ‘research.’ Perhaps we can now move on to the real issue, namely how come these effects are happening to people and electrical equipment when all it really is is flattened corn?”

The conspiracy that you describe is international in its scope—a work of collective genius, maniacal in its stealth. For two decades now, teams of neo-pagan circle makers have flown from England to Holland to the United States, flattening thousands of complex circles with their boards without ever making more than the tiniest of mistakes—the mind boggles at such feats of micromanagement; it leaves one breathless—and all to no end other than to plant evidence for this or that researcher to deliberately misread. 

But let us pause for a moment to see what we have learned:

a) There are funny people in white coats and with serious expressions who have been walking around with e-meters. The hour of their Ragnarok is at hand!

b) Researchers can disagree. They have egos, and can sometimes be inflexible in their thinking.

Well—none of this is exactly “breaking news.”

Serious research into crop circles begins with an observation: Something strange is going on.

Facts may point in contradictory directions; theories may disagree. Researchers may very well indulge in the normal range of personal and methodological conflicts. This in no way alters the essential strangeness of the subject, or lessens the challenges that such phenomena pose to our 3-D habits of interpreting the world.

In a process of discovery bound by the circumference of a circle, it is possible that any wrong turn is correct. Blind vision leads one to the edge of the horizon—which others might perceive to be the edge of an abyss, where monsters lurk—and then on to the next horizon, law after violated law. No experience is wasted.

Out of a chaos of competing Rorschach blots, we are led as to a hyper-object—which serves, simultaneously, as an end and as a place from which to start. Knowledge then retroactively puts itself together, as provisional as the first biplane that the Wright Brothers launched at Kitty Hawk. And yet as definitive as the light that is released from a split atom.

Some say that such circular technology is archaic, others that it is a shadow that the far side of the future throws.

See—it will soon transport us from the Earth.

It is possible that all of our perfect systems are meant only to self-destruct.

2) “Breaking news” would be if you were to begin a comment with something other than an insult or attack.

Friday, August 5, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 11/ Section 12

By Brian George

There was no world left that had not been fitted with a prosthesis

“The boundary line of evening and morning is the Bear; and opposite the Bear is the boundary of bright Jupiter.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 39

Notes were taken at the upcoming 52,000 year Jubilee. In their 8-armed and their 12-armed luminous eggs, it was difficult to distinguish between the living and the dead. Atomic clocks competed to play tricks on the Magicians. Great joy was experienced by all. We must find out what was said there!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 10/ Section 11

By Brian George

Et in Arcadia ego

“Corpses are more fit to be thrown away than dung.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 31

To the “Skeptical Reductionist”:

If you are truly convinced that there is nothing of significance going on, then why do you spend so much time—or any time at all—in thinking about crop circles? What is there left to know? 

I am reminded of a joke that I first heard in junior high:

A woman is talking to her closest friend at the office, and says, “Last night—at 10:30 or so—the phone rang just as I was getting into bed.

“I answered it, and this pervert was doing his heavy breathing act.

“Oh Margie, I can’t begin to tell you how upsetting that phone call was! For three hours the man said the most horrible, disgusting things!”