Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cosmogenesis: In a Small Boat, Drifting on the Ocean/ Part 2

By Brian George

The transparency of the epileptic boat

Hi Gilberto,

You wrote, “Hyperspace is certainly not a shelter from the storm. Although we (seemingly) escape, we only set the stage for a return to the same situation. Perhaps different settings, time periods, characters, genders, etc. In my humble opinion, the lesson not learned is the lesson gladly returned. Although I do like the option of escaping for a cosmic nap and dealing with certain things later....”

My sense is that we are entering a period of transition in the relationship between dimensions, in which the interaction between the vertical and the horizontal axes will be redefined. No exchange will be fixed, and a shock wave will run upwards, through the “higher” worlds, as well as outwards, through the global body.

It is possible that there will be no non-participants in the revolution against History—that the past and the future will be seen as our wayward children, as flawed but necessary aspects of a project that we undertook long ago. At the moment, I feel that I am being carried forward in a small boat on an ocean, with no real way to steer. No matter, since even the small boat must go; all transport must begin and end with the body, in its role as a primordial vehicle.

Collectively, we are approaching a near death state, and the knowledge for our own good hidden beyond death is beginning once again to speak. There is no time like the “present” to confront the projection of our fears. At a certain stage in our initiation, it may dawn on us that trauma is not other than a door to ecstasy—a door that opens at the center of the sky—or, conversely, that ecstasy may be the key that unlocks the hieroglyph of trauma.

“Non-attachment” is often seen as a meditative accomplishment, but it is naturally present, for a time at least, in the normal near death experience, as it may be also in the current transition between worlds. The freefall of the world economy may force us to make a virtue of necessity; we are picked up by the hair. Each ego must become a movable “omphalos.”

(Illustration: Wassily Kandinsky, Painting with Three Spots, 1914)

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