Friday, September 30, 2011

Cosmogenesis: In a Small Boat, Drifting on the Ocean/ End of Part 4

By Brian George

Let us imagine that we are intoxicated gods, now derelict, who passersby pause to laugh at on the street. We have lost all access to our supernatural weapons, as well as at least four of our eight limbs. Somehow, we have found ourselves at a 12-step recovery program, half awake. A court seems to have mandated our attendance—for a period of not less than 5200 but not more than 26,000 years—at a theatre workshop called “The Zodiac.” The goal: to decipher the instructions that we had scribbled in the Ur-Text, and, by means of impenetrable stealth, to perfect the archaic art of bi-location.

I do realize: That my martial discipline of ritualized “acting without acting” must seem suspiciously like a total lack of action. It’s not that I don’t understand the urgent need for taking clear and forceful action in the cause of social justice, or for reimagining the key elements that breathe life into a commonwealth, but rather that it seems important to think small. To the power of the multinational corporation, the black magic of the Plutocracy, the each year more hypnotic morphogenetic field of the descendants of Tyrannosaurus Rex: I would dare to oppose the power of the Seed.

In a comment above, I had written, “It is possible that there will be no non-participants in the revolution against History.” To which you responded, “You think? It seems to me that most Americans are happy to sit back and enjoy the show with a tub of popcorn. I look around and see zombie robots and then people with a light that shines around them. It becomes obvious who is ascending and who is not.”

Well, I certainly did not intend to come off sounding like an optimist! Few have ever thought to accuse me of such a thing. Instead, I meant to suggest that we all will be swept up by the unfolding of the time-cycle, for better or for worse, as we have been by the collapse of the world economy—“there will be no non-participants.” This sentence should be read in the context of the one that follows: “At the moment, I feel that I am being carried forward in a small boat on an ocean, with no real way to steer.” If we are, in fact, involved in some vast process of cosmogenesis, it is always possible that we do not need to know more than we do. As fetuses, our job is to be what and where we are. 

(Illustration: Max Beckmann, The Departure, 1932)

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