Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Akasha/ Part 2/ Section 1

By Brian George

Triune power called Akasha. Sphere of light’s circumference. Voice of many waters. Square constructed out of oceans. Blackened branch. Green shoot . Wheel of burning cities. Fierce dawn light over Carthage. Great urn of suns. Fixation of nigredo. Trans-aeonic vessel. Althanor of 1st light. Velocity of void. Seed of constellations. Triune power of the atom. Great sphere without circumference. Shulamite—root and measure of the sky.

You who couple with the corpse of god. Lyre of living filaments. Skeleton of quasars. Embodied book of splendors. Sheath of fractal chaos. Pythagorean harp. Harmonic code of chaos. Soul scavenger. You who drag dead oceans with a net.

Fundament under exile. Unconstructed radiance. Blacksmith to the 1st man’s bones. Great slayer of the Zodiac. Circumference of the void. Clear lightning of Sunyata. Orgasmic temple self-constructed out of oceans. Lady of 10 thousand names. Great Isis, Seckmet, Hathor. Who have not died. Whose resonance is strong. Who only seem to have descended to the Earth.       

Great soul of the future present. Encoder of the present past.

Atomic wingspan. Wet nurse to Methuselah. You who guard the speed of light. Swallower of 7 swords. Keeper of man’s solar organs in 4 great canopic jars. Self -existent knower. Self-evidence of knowledge. Geometry of naked light. Contraction of the void. You whose wings have spread out from Sakkara. Pleiadean jasmine. Aloe of Los Alamos. Scent of loving coupling known at Auschwitz in the blinding dawn.

Inverted Shekkinah. Stone granary. Orion’s conch. Vast violence without victim. White moth of Hiroshima. Sub-quantum void of serpents. White noise over poles. Guardian of the 1st seed sounds. Spouse of Machar Seth. Love beyond all knowledge. Full conquest without victor. Controller of Aroziel. Great slayer of the gang of 4. You who with harmonic overtones have cracked the 2 chains of man’s DNA. Expiation of the 7 and the 12. Arcturian coadjutant. The laughing martyr’s muse. Of human history the sole survivor. You who with a lightning bolt have danced forth from the 8. From the twice 5. From the triad squared.

Skeletal dawn orgiast out of the skull troughs at Treblinka. Virgin with no clothes. Support of shattered worlds.

Concentric splendor of the 10 dimensions. Hurricane of broken symmetry. Eye of Atum, Tefnut, Shu. Root of wormwood. Number of the beast. Sphere whose boundary is spoken light. You who raise the Atlantean trident. Dismantler of the planet Earth. Last butterfly of Terazin. Black lotus of Cydonia. Milkweed blown from garden. Seed of diaspora. Arc of rainbow after flood. Figurehead at the prow of the precession of the equinox. You who go before those who have gone before. Silent sacrifice. Scent of blackened pyramids on Mars.
Gift guarded from the ego. Instruction from a branch plucked by the preexistent species. Book open to each self.

Incarnate language of the lightning void. Of 10 thousand suns the spontaneous combustion. Cocoon to amnesiac UFOs. You whose name is Memory of Space. Of light through space the curvature. Decimation of the half-god’s body. Space around all sound. To the remnant the last resort—Akasha!

Zigzags crack Earth’s rim. Wheels have opened out of wheels. You stare straight as you place your foot before you. You have stepped forth blowing on a thighbone trumpet out of the helix of 1 globe of light.

(Illustration: Artist unknown, Sculpture of Durga)


  1. almost wanted to turn away when reading this one

    i must give you the highest praise here

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  3. Hi Awakened Yeti,

    Ever since I began attending New Age workshops at the Theosophical Society in the mid-1980s, I realized that I have a peculiar relationship to wholeness, one that is quite different from the golden-hued version that was and is still common among my contemporaries. To me, although wholesness does have aspects that are comforting and harmonious, it also has aspects that are fierce and terrifying. To me, all of these aspects must be present--in the background if not the foreground--if we are going to be open to the actual experience of wholeness, and are not just playing with a refracted concept of it.

  4. Hi Brian,

    I have a great personal dislike for Theosophy in general, as I consider it to be mostly vapid nonsense. But then again I would not call you a Theosophist. I would liken it to the 19th century version of Scientology. While these traditions could be considered a method of upaya, "skillful means", (or expedient usage of illusion) - I much rather prefer the works of Gurdjieff or Castaneda in that respect. I fully realize this is entirely a matter of personal preference.

    In terms of refractions, reflections and so on, it is useful to remember the limitations of the human form, and physicality in general... most notably the sensory organs, each of which (when taken separately) have only a very limited bandwidth of signal reception when compared to the amount of possible input even just in the material world which we can currently measure by way of particle accelerators and so forth.

    There is a very valid reason for humans to require a regular sleeping cycle.

    While my violent ministrations are always unwelcome in the world at large, such results are really nothing new - and in fact, this methodology is quite ancient and has been codified in countless mythologies. But I have a great deal of experience in stealth, and therefore I remain alive AND effective, and relatively scandal free... for the most part.

    I posted a video link to the RS comments this morning, not as a joke, although it is quite funny IMHO - not necessarily LOL funny, but humorous nonetheless. It coincided with my account being booted for the third time in the past 3 months on RS. From 'Orphic Resonance' to 'Prometheusium' back to my original account of 'rajajuju' - which had also been deleted in the past but was somehow restored at some point for some reason. I dont really get along with Moderators because I will antagonize any antagonism, and I have no problem cracking eggs to make omelets. It is only expected, of course.

    Anyhow I want to share the link with you here because I find it to be so illustrative of a kind of madness that is quite more than "functional". I seriously doubt it is the type of music you might enjoy listening to... but then again I could be totally wrong on that. In any event, it is interesting to say the least.


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  6. Hi Awakened Yeti,

    Although I have always been ambivalent about Theosophy as a system--not that interested really--I have very pleasant memories of the Boston Theosophical Society. They have now moved to Alrlington. I don't have a car, and it is too difficult a trip. Otherwise, I might or might not still stop by now and then. When I was in high school, I was a member of a group called "LRY," or "Liberal Religious Youth," which was a Unitarian group made up of about 85% non-Unitarians. The church steering committee thought that if teenagers were going to take drugs and have sex then it was probably better that they do it in a church. The Boston Theosophical Society was somewhat similar, in that about 75% of the people there were not Theosophists. It was a place where people could make many unexpected connections, and feel supported by others who were moving in a generally similar direction. There have been times that I have been content, for many years at a stretch, to pursue in solitide my esoteric goals, and there are other times when it has been important to meet actual people on the stage of three-d space.

    There is a section about my involvement with the Theosophical Society at the beginning of my piece "Notes on Kundalini and the Ticking of the Biological Closk." It reads:

    The late 1980s were a kind of golden period for me.

    Like the antediluvian parents who first externalized our race -- when the sun rose on a different arc from the horizon; before the genome had been scrambled -- I had assumed that I had the whole of 26,000 years in which to get my act together, that all good things would be mine for the asking, and that only others would inevitably grow old.

    I lived in an inexpensive apartment owned by the Boston Historical Society, which did not care about making a profit on the space. I had a flexible job schedule that allowed me to attend to every flash of intuition, to wait for lightning to strike in the same spot twice, and to sharpen my focus for many days at a stretch. I had a diverse but tightly-knit group of creative friends, who had not yet gone their separate ways.

    I lived several blocks and five minutes away from the Theosophical Society, the perfect low-key center at which to explore my deepening interest in spirituality. While I had no particular interest in Theosophical writings, which I saw as being a bit musty and Victorian, the majority of participants in the center were not actually Theosophists. It was a place where people met and mixed, and where many things seemed just about to happen.

    Best wishes,


  7. Yes, personal history can reveal many things, but it can also obscure many things.

    The people I relate to most tend not to flock to the institutional manifestations of hive mind evolution. We find more than enough to work with in regular, everyday life - the kind of life that everyone lives.

    But every now and then it is important to remind the institutions that we still exist, we are still relevant, and we require our own space as well. We dont demand respect - in fact we dont give a flying fuck about it - but if that is the only thing that these shrivs understand, we will show them how important it is to respect us. The crowds like to overrun the new places, they exploit them and spoil them. We give them an inch and they take a mile. The time of tolerance for this has passed. All of the pompous twits are gonna get thrown out on their own fucking ass. They can carve their own way now, because we are cutting our coattails off.

    Be aware that the new time is upon us. We will not allow history to repeat. That might spell trouble for the vast majority of people, and if that is the case - so be it.

    You are the kind of person that can easily read the writing on the wall. You dont need any warnings. But if you have been wondering about what that certain something in the air just might be, this may help you to understand.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzgOjy2fty8