Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nostalgia for the Future of Geometry on Io

By Brian George

Nostalgia for the future of geometry on Io—tilt. The ruins—off by 22 degrees. The acupuncture manikins became what they saw. They could not found Earth’s navel without help.

Oannes took his fish suit out of storage. If you want a thing done right you have to go yourself. He too forgot. On Earth the vatic force did not show the concealed. The ego could not create by word of mouth. Taught the Elohim: The rhythm method works! Chaos is a form of information. Day.

Sequential after lightning stood the remnant on the flat plateau.

They brought instruments to arch the foot. The head they discovered was hollow. It was marked out. Omphalos. Incarnation made the dumb look blinder than their pantheons. The deaf set up classes, and over them hung puppets. They their bolos at the straw dogs threw. Proletariat in waves banged their pots and pans. The void is plastic. It will shape itself in strict accordance with your dream.

Auroras judge the North. Remember that you are caretakers—of a kind. Bend but do not break the scalar resonance of the spheres. The wounded healer must account for each hallucination. Fascist heroes of the new age test prosthetic superlimbs. Fruit fly genes put wings on Hermes’ ankles.

Smoke belches from the sacrifice at Pythia. The one that has the most gold rules the pole vault. This is not a warning from the dead. Back and forth the skyline tilts. Hard knowledge struck the teacher—down.

Olympiad above the wreck of China. Wrath. Shadows on the jungle gym froze. Khans on the occult path went native. Waiting for its chance the accident happened to make laws. Lost language worked on he crowd. Masses moved the Coliseum. Off Bikini Beach the birds bounced orange balls.

In your face the UFO. They laugh. Glass houses levitate Asia.

Fast-forward or reverse the death-flash video. At the Kairos you can interact with all parts of the story. Disjunction of the horizontal—they have stopped the human at the light. Do you think we chose you just because you’re there? It is you that are the One. The others have taken your way out! Believe us if you’re dead.

The birds have switched off every city.

For the public images were put on view. 8 figures did not turn but went straight to their end—8.

There was not a sound when, as at once, the music was accomplished. Rav Akiba has made a harp out of the Holocaust. Enoch cried the river Chebar. Above the dawn he crowed. The sun stood still. Has it made you an illuminated person? Astrophysical the wrath of Khan. Beneath the incarnate foot the map of Europe sank. The great technocratic phallus has been aimed at Sirius 2.

There were signs that showed how much to destroy.

They were ignorant—of nothing. Each second added to their information, as far back as they looked.  How long does it take one expert to count zero?  It is past time. This message will repeat.

The sparks have populated Earth. Supermen fought the Zodiac in drag. The day was late. Transduction made the prophecy obscure. Said the Malach to the god: Excuse us but your time is up! A comet curves above the Polytechnic Institute.

They dreamed a leaf. Spring loads Maya. Shocks charge the prophet on the heights of Troy. There is an army of illegal aliens crouching in the horse, which already has been wheeled inside the city.

The gods’ lab technicians desire your initiatory death. That is their purpose. They must carry out your previous instructions. Even now they have replaced the human ego with the self. Seizures brought on by Soma will reconfigure the neocortex. Superconsciouness is soon to be what in fact it always was.

Do not disturb the force fed monument to voodoo. Peace on Earth—not yours. Electric Armageddon.

Wheels within wheels got warped by big wheels beyond space.

The alignment was approximate. For a living system it was good enough. Remote controlled the oars. Hayseeds row Giza! The map of the hypersphere looked flat from the edge. Earth’s ecliptic and equator at two points cross. The dead broke out of their cryogenic labyrinth. Horizontal planes collide. Is gravity an interesting law?

No. The sounds of many languages are few. Numbers wrote the book.

By fiat the great assembly once determined where each circle starts.

(Illustration: Babylonian relief))

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