Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Opening of the Records/ Section 10 of "To Akasha/ Part 2"

By Brian George

That jung frau will rebuild from ash the burning library at Alexandria. For a third time will the Argo sail—it will move beyond the speed of light. 

Records breaking records will be present to your touch. The Zodiac will swing. Space will be curved by a bell. The four worlds as at once will interpenetrate. Orange are the orbs of Ra that will spin above Eastern Europe.  Knowledge will explode.

Hieroglyphs will appear to thousands over Prague.

Long dead—you will sound! Habrock will return from Ur to Eden with his hawks. Elvis will return to Graceland. He will be taken from his great chrome cylinder—thawed out. He will bring a note from mother. The teacher will be an inch. Loki will bring his “flytings” to the 12 guardians beyond the Zodiac. There, they will clap to hear his convoluted insults. They will savor his subversion of the gods, and ask how he gave birth to the eight-legged horse.

Giants aimed at the muse will evacuate the stars. The extended hand will flame. Shadows thrown by geometry will lash the oceanic fort. 

A trickster will crow. Ahriman will hang his body sky high on a hook. The age of iron will grind Einstein into flower. Pacific breakers will make love to atoms. Nagas will milk saki. Solomon will open mills. Braagi will bring many poets. Light will weigh their year of work. The Elohim will order: scale the globe. The hounds are to be rounded up by Garm.

A ziggurat in Babylon will sing out in 10 thousand tongues. The Virgin of Judea will stalk naked over Assur’s pots.

Shards will wheel clay citizens. A blackened branch will light a leaf. Veins will mine plutonium. Solar wells will spout.  A race will run with the remnant of Methuselah.

The Desert Mothers will return with urns to the Euphrates. They will laugh at Krystalnacht. Skoll The Wolf no longer will scare mortals.

Zion will again put on the laundered robe of Io. A laser will be shot from Israel to Jupiter. 

War will be declared on the improper use of trees. Books will have no pages. Telepaths will judge the haunted farms. Few of the many will not at first go mad. Joy will punish death. The bird that fought on Mars will take the gag from the future’s mouth. The One will fix itself. Orange agents will scout factories in Thule for Tetragramaton. Teachers will attract the spokes. 

Alpine horns will ram through gravity. At midnight they will make a little zone of music.  

12 concentric tribes above America will fly. They will involute the Earth. They will triumph over the race. Young will flex the sun at full strength out of Vala. Up he will lift the watcher in his cup. Instruments will cause a god. Arks will party. The Reichstag will again burn bright with dancing human UFOs.

(Illuustration, Wassily Kandinsky)

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