Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 17/ Section 18

By Brian George

“You would not find out the limits of the soul, even by travelling along every path, so great a logos does it have.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 39

Conciliators are among us! Much thanks to them, and yet it is possible that such gestures are not accurate in their aim. ENERG8T wrote, “The formations are merely testing/ shifting our perspectives and reality paradigms, as is exemplified in part by the lengthy passionate dissertations in this comments section. Human or non-human? Does it matter?”

Tony Damico wrote, “Really, it's silly to waste so much energy on the ‘who’ aspect...”

ACTruthSeeker wrote, “Indeed the crop circle formations appear to be getting more elaborate over time as our own collective consciousness evolves. It does not matter who produces the circles whether it be human, energy, ETs, or anything else for that matter.”

To me, this is like saying that it does not matter whether the sun is a natural phenomenon or a barge.

If we are to smash through the mirrors of an alternate technology, we must, of course, be rigorous in our intuition. But, stranger still, we must be rigorous in our counter-intuition. There is much that does not—and is not meant to—make sense. Leaving mirror-shards in our wake, like centuries, and smelling of burnt ozone, we must let go of one body to appropriate another, into which we will step. “The sun is the breadth of a man’s foot,” said Heraclitus. We must act our age, but, in order to do this, we must learn to act our shoe size.

Mine is 432,000 years; yours may be much bigger, or much smaller—but that was before you had started to tell fibs! Nor should we trust the gods—our surrogate parents—any further than we can throw them. For they have stolen the genius from our DNA. How odd then that their chromosomes can be zipped right into ours. Leaps of centrifugal disinformation have obscured the once standardized units of measurement.

The key test is as follows: To transpose the entire context of our vision.

Things do not always operate on a human scale, and our 10-D duplicates may prove indifferent to our phobias about death. We must keep our eye on the metaphysical ball that is even now hurtling towards us.

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