Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 10/ Section 11

By Brian George

Et in Arcadia ego

“Corpses are more fit to be thrown away than dung.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 31

To the “Skeptical Reductionist”:

If you are truly convinced that there is nothing of significance going on, then why do you spend so much time—or any time at all—in thinking about crop circles? What is there left to know? 

I am reminded of a joke that I first heard in junior high:

A woman is talking to her closest friend at the office, and says, “Last night—at 10:30 or so—the phone rang just as I was getting into bed.

“I answered it, and this pervert was doing his heavy breathing act.

“Oh Margie, I can’t begin to tell you how upsetting that phone call was! For three hours the man said the most horrible, disgusting things!”

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