Sunday, July 31, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 9/ Section 10

By Brian George

Nanu nanu

“If the Sun transgresses his proper measure, the Furies will find him out.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 33

Hello Stu Kavendish,

1) You wrote, “People like Septagenetic save Reality Sandwich from its tendency towards po faced acceptance of New Age authoritarianism.” I was just turning your phrase “New Age authoritarianism” over in my mind. The use of this phrase raises several questions. These are as follows:

a) How far can the concept of “authoritarianism” be expanded before it turns into its opposite?

That is, if the ideological authority that you fear involves thousands of people and tens of thousands of contradictory viewpoints, and if the structure of that authority is not hierarchic but centrifugal—with no leader, and no mechanism for enforcement—then is it even possible to speak about “authority”?

And b) Should the phrase “New Age authoritarianism” be classified as a “concept” or a “viewpoint” or an “argument?"

—Or perhaps, once again, we should simply refer to it as an “insult.” Such verbal devices are a means of dressing up complacency in a courage suit, as well as of never having to venture beyond the force-field of one’s comfort zone.

2) Perhaps the threat of “New Age authoritarianism” is similar to the threat of “Feminazism”—that octopus of evil, against whose influence Rush Limbaugh has so energetically warned us?

Have jack-booted angels forced you to remove meat from your diet, or to think only positive thoughts, or to undergo shamanic surgery without anesthesia on their UFO, or to drink large quantities of ayahuasca?

Laws for telepathic openness would result in irreparable damage to one’s Reason.

Just as unisex restrooms have resulted in irreparable damage to one’s genitals. Alas, it is too late now!

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