Saturday, July 23, 2011

There is No Beauty without some Strangeness of Proportion/ Part 5/ Sections 5 and 6

By Brian George

Tribes argue over a topless tower; black vessels cannot penetrate the Deluge

“The Logos, which is as I describe, proves incomprehensible, both before it is heard and even after it is heard. For although all things happen according to the Logos, many act as if they have no experience of it, even when they do experience such words as I explain, as when I separate out each thing according to its nature and state how it is; but as to the rest, they fail to notice what they do after they wake up, just as they forget what they do when they sleep.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 1


There are—at a minimum—2 sides to the Sign

“A hidden connection is stronger than an apparent one.”—Heraclitus, Fragment 14

Hi Stu,

You wrote, “(Being British), I have an instinctive, perhaps even cultural dislike of the kind of self-important rubbish brought to the table by someone like BG. There are many, many interesting people who use Reality Sandwich, with much to say, but, in my humble opinion, BG is not one of them. I find his onanistic noodling almost as dull as the hijacking of interpretations of this year’s circles by fundamentalist Christians."

I am always amazed when people say something like, “I don’t mean to be offensive, but”—and then go on to be as offensive as is possible. YES, I UNDERSTAND.

From behind, a set of unknown forces propels the cloud of your anxiety, which swells, as though pregnant. This makes it difficult to be open to my innocence-destroying arguments. They are, perhaps, too much of a good thing, too much of what you had not known that you had asked for, or have been delivered much too soon.

The voice that echoes in your head—the voice of the archetypal messenger—both is and is not mine, as it both is and is not yours. If you were to paraphrase what you believe me to be saying, you would find that my “belief system” is as changeable as mercury, and that each opinion, when you look at it, becomes less solid than it seemed at first.

And so, you might ask, do I really have any opinions on the subject? YES and NO; I have insights and experiences that may one day turn into opinions, for the briefest of brief moments, before turning back into insights and experiences—as worlds turn back into water, and water then turns back into an indeterminate cloud. See, from out of it flashes the three-rayed sign for “Atomic Danger.”

You have no doubt heard the phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger!” There are many reasons for this—primarily, that the release of tension does not in any way alter the message. Regardless of who delivers it, the message that there are alternate levels of reality is and will continue to be disturbing, so long as we have no vehicle to transport us, and no way to get from one side of the mirror to the other that does not cue up an experience of death.

It is difficult to acknowledge the face of the Beyond—the face in the mirror—and then simultaneously live.

Such then are the hazards that forever face the messenger—the voice from nowhere, the holographic breath. He would much prefer it if someone else where to volunteer to take over. He has other atoms to smash. He is getting old, and, already, he has quite a few years on Methuselah.

The “Brian George” that you have met on these crop circle forums was, truth be told, a deliberate literary device—designed to challenge what I saw as the self-deception and arrogance and lack of curiosity and mechanistic reflex that so easily attaches itself to a discussion of this sort.

To this end I have decided to follow the example of Heraclitus, whom his contemporaries called “The Obscure.”

Some portion of what I have presented on these forums could certainly be described as "concepts." As regards these, rest assured that they have not been predetermined by some program at the "Reich New Age Bureau of Occult Affairs." There are other portions of my comments, however, that we would do better to describe as "jokes" or "provocations."

Stu, if I might be permitted to make an observation?—: Your diet does seem to be somewhat irony deficient. More irony-rich organ meats, with a metaphorical salad on the side! The "pulling of the leg" and the "throwing of the gauntlet" are several of the gestures that you seem to have misinterpreted. Sad to say, much humor is unfunny. To each his own.

Just to clarify: I do not see myself as in any way a "New Age" writer; "New Age"—yet another insult that pretends to be a description. On this, we will have to agree to disagree, nor will I provide you with an alternate cliché with which to pigeonhole my work. There is one key issue on which our attitudes do overlap: I do share your distrust of any and every form of institutionalized "common wisdom."

Stu, you are clearly an outsider, and imagine that there must be some global spider-web of insiders. But we insiders are all outsiders too! "Opposition is true friendship”—one of my favorite Blake quotes.

Geometries branch. The one world becomes two, and the two becomes eight billion—without ever ceasing to be two. As to the order that hides behind the panoramic flux, Heraclitus says, “The transformations of fire—first, sea; and of sea, half becomes earth and half the lightning flash.”

I stand in relation to the object called “Stu Kavendish” as my Double stands in relation to the object “Brian George.” Stepping from behind the sun, and armed with a technology that once existed before the Deluge, the one hand of the messenger washes death off of the other. For such a force is contagious, and a scrap of its shadow has illuminated mine.

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